we will answer the questions:

* What is telepathy and how does it work?

* How do dogs really see the world?

* How does telepathy help solve dog behavioral problems?

* How is telepathic work different from dog- training? *
*How to help anxious and traumatic dogs?
And many more ..

We will talk about quantum physics and how it explains the existence of telepathy,
and learn techniques for sharpening the sixth sense.

I invite you to participate in a unique and exciting workshop
in which we will learn how to telepathically communicate with dogs.

Against the background of the spectacular view of the Galilee,
We will dive into the inner world of dogs and learn How to listen to their thoughts and feelings.🐶

Come and learn how to hear your dog - in his own words! 🐕
Dates of upcoming workshops: ** April 2021 **
For private, family, and online workshops

Contact me 😉


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