Welcome to a unique and intriguing lecture on telepathic communication with animals.

Telepathic communication with animals has been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous tribes such as the Maya, Indians, and Aborigines.

We know that King Solomon spoke to animals, and Buddhists also have different practices for practicing telepathic communication.

Communicate with animals in the modern age
(Animal Communicator) have been operating around the world for decades, and recently this field has also reached Israel.

Come learn and discover how your life and that of your dog can change for the better.

"Mayu gave us a fascinating lecture.
This issue is gaining momentum abroad and I hope that here too, professionals, volunteers and all those involved with animals (veterinarians, trainers ...) will understand how much this tool can help strengthen the connection with an animal and its understanding.
Mayu is an excellent representative and I highly recommend this amazing dog telepath."
Lisa, Galilee Golan Animal Welfare Association
"We heard from the interesting lecture by Mayu, Which enriched our knowledge in the mysterious world of dogs, A good lecture that teaches and gives food for thought, Highly recommended for all dog lovers wherever they are!"
Ilana, Kalblab Association
-“A few months ago, we hosted the Mayu The Dog Telepath at the association for an instructive lecture, which allowed us to get a little more idea about the inner world of dogs in the association, For every dog ​​is a world of it’s own, with its own past, thoughts and feelings, And a lot of confusion from the new situation they got into! Thanks Mayu for giving us some "order in thought"
Ania, Gilboa Association loves animals
"An amazing and interesting lecture that Mayu gave us, I was very happy to participate and discover new things, highly recommend to all animal lovers!"
Sagi , Tel aviv
"In her special, professional and so pleasant way, Mayu teaches how to open the heart and head .. Highly recommended"
Ofri , Hagoshrim
“I was at a Mayu's lecture. It was just fascinating! The lecture was well constructed with interesting explanations and stories and backed by research. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get to know their dog from a different angle ... "
Israela , Maayan-baruch


Invites you to participate in unique and exciting workshops, where we will learn to communicate telepathically and do energetic and emotional work with dogs.

The workshops were built on the basis of many interactions with dogs, and from a deep understanding of the secrets of telepathy, the movement of energy in the dog’s body, and the observation of emotional and behavioral work with the dog.

Come learn and discover how your life and that of your dog can change for the better!

-My first experience of a telepathic conversation with a dog I did in Mayu’s workshop,

and although I am completely a spiritual person , I also came with doubts, Which faded as soon as we started the workshop..

Mayu delivered the workshop with a lot of listening and inclusion with theoretical knowledge and demonstrations that were enough to calm my skeptical mind,

and in practice when I experienced for myself the experience of talking to a dog, I saw how simple and real it is .. “

Yaara, Berlin

“This is the wonderful Mayu, the amazing dog telepath,

That yesterday I did a workshop with her with a great group of people.

Real learning, goal focused, 5 hoursand  I went out with an accurate tool! Wow how many good things do I have to say about Mayu! And I’m not an easy student!

Anyone can do it! This is the secret and this is the magic!

do not hesitate. It dramatically improves understanding.

As for my 3 my three dogs – I had already started right after the workshop ,And it’s just magic !!

Iris, kahal

-Thank you Mayu for the amazing workshop that was on Friday.

Beyond what was interesting and fascinating,

The experience of communicating with my dog ​​was special and exciting!

Nirit, Pardes Hanna

“I was in a workshop with the lovely Mayo, it was a simply excellent workshop!

Detailed to the last detail, both descriptive and practical with a lot of written material that will carry on with me.

There was a wonderful atmosphere!
The stunning Mayu answers every question with attention and patience and gives a pleasant, relaxed and open feeling.

Really really really recommend to anyone. A really important workshop!

Bat-el , Kazir

After admiring Mayu’s skills and way of working, I decided to learn channeling through her.

I’m glad I studied with her.
Mayu is very cordial and conveys the information and lessons and exercises in a very individual and helpful way.

My communication with Coco my dog intensified and improved.
Recommend you with love and warmth.
Thank you dear!

Ilan , California