The Consultation Process

Step 1

Preparatory call

You and I have a short phone call.

All I want to know about the dog is the name, age and who lives in the house.

Beyond that, all the information that will come will be from the dog.

After this initial conversation, you send me a list of questions, directed at your dog- regarding the problems you would like to address, telling me if there a message that is important for you to convey to him.

Step 2

Telepathic conversation with the dog

I have a telepathic conversation with the dog, which lasts between one and two hours (depending on the complexity of the situation).

Step 3

Conclusion Talk

 We have a telephone conversation, in which you sit with a page and a pen / means of recording and I tell you everything the dog wanted to convey.

 At this stage we will talk about recommendations and courses of action that will lead to solutions and greater harmony at your home.

  This conversation also lasts between one and two hours.

the dog telepath

The cost of the process


Complete channeling process

* A discount will be given for two or more dogs


Channeling process + year-long escort process

After the initial conversation with your dog, I invite you to be with me regarding follow-up needs.

During this year -
I am always available to you,
on any subject, for regular updates on the dog's condition.

In case your dog is dealing with emotional, behavioral or health issues, it is advisable to take a year-long escort to make sure that the treatment plan we have trained for him does indeed create a significant change for the better in your life and the dog's life.

Are you interested in the consultation process?

You can send contact information and I will get back to you 🙂