Hear your dog-

in his own words!

So what is exactly telepathic communication with dogs?

The word telepathy consists of the words TELE distance and PATIA – to feel.

So telepathy – which is actually an extension of what we call the “sixth sense”-
means to feel from a distance.
Telepathic communication uses inner senses, which allow us a
direct access to a dog’s thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

then and now

Telepathy is a cognitive ability that is mostly unknowingly used – by all human beings..
Telepathy is a true sense, ingrained deeply in our DNA,
a sense developed by our ancestors for communication and movement in open spaces.

Communication with animals is a long- standing tradition, which has been practiced by indigenous tribe such as the Native American and Aboriginal peoples for thousands of years.

We know that King Solomon and Saint Francis of Assisi talked to animals.
Buddhists as well, have different techniques forthe practice of telepathic communication.

Modern animal communicators have been working worldwide since the early twentieth century, and a few years ago this field has also reached Israel.

And how does it help our dogs?

Each dog is a world unto itself.
Each dog has its own special point of view , just as humans do.

Telepathic communication with them opens a window to their inner and surprising world.

Through my work with the dogs I have found that they have a rich and aware inner world, much more developed than what we have been led to believe.

With the help of the telepathic communication, the dogs reveal to us more than what they do and why, they share what they think and how they feel.

The conversation allows you to come in direct contact with the real voice of your dog.
With the help of this direct communication we can find out quickly the root cause of different behavioral problems that accompany the dog and disturb the peaceful management of the home.

I invite you to hear your own dog, in its own words.