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The first thing I have to say is: Wow!
I knew it would be powerful, but I did not expect this much!
My own and my partner's dog has always been a little anxious - But since the move, almost two months ago, all sorts of behavioral disorders she displayed, had escalated - such as aggression to other dogs, constant barking at home, panic over everything, refusal to eat and more.
We worked for a few days on our questions, and I sent the list.
As soon as Mayu contacted Chelsea, I saw that she was attentive ... Busy with something.
During the conversation with Mayu we were in shock.
The level of accuracy was just amazing.
We learned a lot about her, and eagerly listened to everything that was said ...
One of the things that bothered us the most was an "eating ceremony" she had developed.
At the end of the conversation, we set to work on it as a first priority.
We implemented Mayu's recommendation and were in shock - there was no ceremony.
She ate right away. It's been 3 days since then, about 7 meals ... all without ceremony.

There is already a huge difference and we are excited to continue the process and apply everything learned to create peace in our home. Thank you so much Mayu you are wonderful!
Janaya, Ramat Gan

When the decision was made to adopt a dog - it was clear to whom the first phone call would be - and so it was.
Mayu has been there since the first thought of integrating a dog into my life, through the adoption and hardships that came up, and to this day.
She communicates with dogs, but she's so much more!
Throughout the process she supported, accommodated, and understood Murray and communicated his needs.
Thanks Mayu for everything!
Great to have you in our lives!
Or, Haifa
Wendy is almost 6 years old, undisciplined in anything.
Traumatic, scared, difficult in everything:
Barking non-stop at everything and everyone, attacking dogs in the street, insanely pulling on the leash when on walks, and strangest of all - not meeting our gaze. At all.
We tried 5 different dog trainers...many times we thought about giving her away...
For two hours after the Channeling, Mayu told me about Wendy's feelings, things I knew and felt inside - and hearing them through the dog was amazing.
And not only information, but also practical advice on what to do next.
Within 4 days she already looks us in the eye when we call her!
We are well into getting over the barking and what is certain - Wendy is trying very hard.
We can already see an improvement in the quality of our life with her which will please everyone.
So Mayu, thank you so much 🙏
And of course, I recommend the process and Mayu from all my ♥ ️
Esti, Hod Hasharon
I have a 14 year old dog who had a stroke, I heard about Mayu a while ago, and decided I wanted her to talk to my dog ..
And it was amazing, because I actually suddenly saw the dog as if concentrating on something and realized they were talking,
And most importantly the dog really calmed down, as if he understood what had happened.
Ever since then I would not forgo receiving explanatory calls and updates from Mayu ..

Highly recommended!
A huge heart and a big change in the dog.
Kinneret, Ramat-Gan
I was in a workshop with the lovely Mayu, it was an excellent workshop!
Detailed down to the last detail, both on the theoretical and the practical end of things, with a lot of written material that will serve me going forward..
There was a wonderful atmosphere!
The stunning Mayu answered every question with attention and patience, and created a pleasant, relaxed and open atmosphere.
Really really really recommended to anyone.
A really important workshop!
Batel, Kazir
When I first met Mayu, I admit I had my doubts about the Channeling.
But when I saw how the dog reacted to her - I discovered a talent I had never seen before in my life.
My eyes were hypnotized by the journey the dog was experiencing with her.
She does so with dedication, sensitivity and sweet tenderness, and one could see how the dog's heart softened and grew thanks to her wonderful communication.
I recommend to each and every one the services of the amazing and unique Mayu.
Tamara, Kadita
Highly recommended, a lovely girl with amazing abilities, she helped me a lot with my dog and I am sure she can help more people and dogs who need it.
Lior, Tel Aviv
I have been raising Leah for 4 years.
4 years that this wonderful creature has gone with me everywhere.
And it's wonderful and complex just like human relationships (:
I met Mayu by chance and immediately fell in love.
A person full of gentleness and kindness, and when she told me what she was doing, I was even more captivated by her charms.
After a week we met again and I got a rare glimpse into Leah's inner world.
It's hard for me to describe it in words, I was terribly excited to hear her through Mayu, telling me about herself.
Mayu, I want to thank you for this wonderful gift you have given me.
Since then, I have been slowly changing Leah’s lifestyle to things that are much more suitable for her and the results are almost immediate!
It is very heartening.
I highly recommend giving yourself and your dog this rare glimpse … hearing your closest friend in your language and understanding it more accurately than ever.
Anat, Tel Aviv
Mayu contacted my dog Lori, and it improved my communication with her in an exciting way!
For example - since the children were born, I have been much less able to pay attention to her, and once she was even forgotten in the car!
Mayu made an "agreement" with Lori, that as soon as I take my first child out of the car, she immediately gets down, without waiting for explicit instructions from me.
From that very day it‘s been taking place with no question!
A problem regarding food was also solved, and more ..

Highly recommended!
Hamutal, Harashim
With precision speed and sensitivity Mayu approached the job of ChannelingChanneling, to solve communication and behavior problems that my dog and I had been having for some time.
What shall I say?! It just works! really!
Mayu conveyed to me remarkably accurate messages from the beloved dog that helped, like magic, to solve problems - and since then life together has been much more pleasant.
Sometimes proper communication is the cure, along with the right attitude and understanding that your dog plays a significant role in your life, and it truly wholeheartedly intends to fulfill its role ...
Highly recommended!
Gal, Moshav Ofer
My Tutty is not a simple dog at all, she has been with me for two years without me knowing much about her past, and I am always unsure what she really wants, loves and thinks.
We went through quite a bit together.
I attended Mayu’s lecture and was exposed to telepathic communication with dogs — straight away I realized that was the thing to do with my Tutty.
I talked to Mayu and sent her a list of questions.
It was unbelievable - I saw Tutty concentrate on something , and a few minutes later I got a message from Mayu saying she had finished talking to her.
When Mayu told me what was said during the conversation with Tutty the excitement was insane, I felt I was finally able to understand what she was thinking and feeling.
She said important and exciting things that helped me understand my dog better and help me pay attention to things more.
It's a crazy experience I would never give up in my life.
And in the two days since the conversation, Tutty and I have been in constant love outbursts. Strongly recommended.
Thanks Mayu!
Dana , Ramat Ishay
I turned to Mayu after getting test results for my beloved dog, wanting to understand the connection between her cancerous tumor and our relationship, and what to do about it.
Mayu literally spoke to the dog, telling me about her character, the relationship between us and her spiritual role in life.
The Channeling felt very accurate to me and moved me.
Mayu touched on key points and gave recommendations for the way forward.
I felt relieved since she also put into words, things that had existed in me as a gut feeling.
I highly recommend this extra connection through Mayu, who acted with professionalism and sensitivity.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart from me from Lulu and the whole family.
Talia, Pardes Hanna
When we heard about the possibility of someone talking to our beloved dogs we were very excited.
Although at first it took us a while to believe, but five seconds after Mayu said the first sentence, we realized that miraculously - she really spoke to them.
Mayu could immediately tell which of the dogs is the hugging sensitive one, and which one is the snob, she knew about one dog's favorite ball, about the other’s running style.
And all those details – without ever meeting the dogs, using only a photo of them and her Channeling powers.
But beyond the facts –
everything is so pleasant, with such love, such seriousness and caring.
Both during and after the conversation.
She even helped us find our dog who ran away once.
In short - anyone who has a beloved animal - this is a crazy opportunity to communicate with them in a new and exciting way and get a little closer to them.
Mayu thank you for being amazing
Love - Adar Michael Tzuki and Lupe
Adar, Mitzpe Ramon
It’s wonderful Mayu, the amazing dog telepath, whose workshop I attended yesterday with a wonderful group of people.
Real learning, full of information, goal focused, 5 hours and I left with a precise tool!
Wow, so many good things I have to say about Mayu! And I'm not an easy student!
Anyone can communicate telepathically with their dogs! This is the secret and this is the magic!
Don’t hesitate. It dramatically improves understanding.
I have already started practicing right after the workshop with my 3 dogs -and it is just magic!!
Irit, Kahal
I was very impressed and surprised to know about my dog, in her words - what does she feel?
And how to solve problems of anxiety and depression with her.
Thanks to the dog telepath, I realized what my dog needs, in her own words, and what she loves.
So anyone who hesitates, I highly recommend it and this is not a cliché!
Thank you Mayu the Dog Telepath - I feel like you really saved my dog Thank you Thank you !!!

Shimrit, Netanya
After a conversation with Mayu, and after admiring her skills and way of working, I decided to learn Channeling through her.
I'm glad I studied with her.
Mayu is very kind and conveys the information, lessons and exercises in a very individual and helpful way.
My communication with Coco my dog intensified and improved.
Recommend to you with love and warmth.
Thank you dear
Ilan, California
Thank you Mayu for the amazing workshop that was on Friday. It was interesting and fascinating.
The experience of communicating with my dog was special and exciting!
Nirit, Pardes Hanna

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