Common Q&A

Telepathic communication with dogs is actually a translation that our mind does to electrical signals sent by the brain of the dog.

The dog transmits an idea, which is then
translated into a formula, and is received in the human language when it reaches my own Consciousness.

You can think about it as a mechanism of Google Translate :
you write something in one language, the program recognizes the words and translates into the required language - in such a manner that expresses the idea in the best way possible.
Fortunately for us, the translation mechanism exists naturally within all animals in nature as well as in humans.
In fact, all human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically.
With time and practice this kind of communication becomes easier and simpler, just like a phone call to a close friend.
For dogs telepathic communication is natural and they feel right away when someone tries to ‘call’ them.

Basically, everything that’s on their mind.

They can tell and show me everything beginning with what they love to eat, how they feel about a certain person, meaningful experiences from their past, what they miss and whether they are in pain.
Many dogs also talk about their practical and energetic role within the family unit. (even one person can be a family.)

How can they talk to you if dogs can’t speak?
What do the dogs tell you?

They are so excited! Finally someone who not only sees them,
but also hears them!
All the dogs understand right away that I am only the messenger, only the translator, and that the true Seeker is their owner.
Dogs have greater interaction with human beings than any other animal, and they "jump" on the opportunity to express themselves.

Certainly, and it's recommended that you do so. The more focused your question the easier it will be for the dog to answer.
Through the Channeling you can receive and pass on messages.

The picture and the name of the dog allow me
to attune myself to the specific dog.
In this way I organize my frequency so it matches the frequency of the dog with whom I want to converse.
By this means, a channel of communication opens up.
You can compare it to a phone call.
When you want to call someone, the first thing you do is think about them and consider what you want to discuss.
That is - you set your intention, adjust yourself
for the conversation, dial your friend's number -
connection is created and you can speak to each other.

How do the dogs feel
when you start speaking to them?

Can I ask my dog specific questions?
Why do you need a picture of the dog?

In order to channel I sit in a quiet place with the photo of the dog in front of me and during an hour or so I converse with the dog.
Observing from the outside you would see me sitting and writing at a high speed.

It's possible, but in my personal experience it’s better not to.
My goal is to arrive as blank as possible to the conversation with the dog.
The only details I ask are the name, age of the dog, and who lives in the house with them.

All other information will come from the dog themselves.
The less personal opinions I develop about the dog, the more open and precise the Channeling will be.
I want to allow the dog to show me their world in an authentic way, without information from a personal previous encounter.
In this way you as the owner (pet parent) can feel assured that the Channeling with the dog was indeed true
and reflective of your dog and their reality.

The thoughts and the emotions of the dog are being received through my brain and body in a variety of forms, including images, smells, sounds and sensations.

What does it actually look like
when you sit and converse with the dog?
And don't you need to meet the dog?
How can you receive what the dog is trying to tell you?

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