A little bit about me

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Mayu, and I’m a
Dog Communicator.

Or under a different title –
a Pet Psychic.

I grew up with dogs and I’ve always had a special place for them in my heart .

Dogs by their nature are very loving animals and I’ve always felt comfortable alongside these beautiful and non-judgmental creatures.

I was born with very high sensitivity for the Unseen World (aware of Delicate frequencies) And thankfully, today I am able to channel this ability
to practical use.

In my job as a Dog Communicator I get the chance to help people and dogs alike.

Telepathically communicating with dogs revealed to me what I have always known deep inside – they can understand us, and they can even answer back.

Through Channeling I found another language with which to communicate.

An internal, deep language, which is based on empathy, sharing, and gratitude.

Fortunately for all of us  practical and curious people , we live in the modern age – which offers us researches about telepathy since the early twenties and until today.

Telepathy, that inner sense that we all possess, was developed in us by our forefathers long ago, when the tribe had to split and wander in different directions. It is an extension of what we call the Sixth Sense, and is deeply rooted in our DNA.

I believe, and see in my work, that all human beings are able to telepathically communicate with dogs, and I see how much this communication enriches and helps them.

I work with non-profits and shelters who rescue dogs from various extreme conditions. I’m a big believer in a second chance, and even in a tenth one, because each dog is a gift and each dog has its own special story.

In parallel with the telepathic work I do with dogs, I accompany post-trauma victims and work as a group facilitator.

Often I combine these worlds.

I Invite you to hear your own dog –  in his own words.

When you open your heart, magical things happen​